Chetkov Raisonné

Since 2000, The Pushkin Gallery has been providing 20th Century individual works and Lifetime Collections by Russian Masters including, Nikolai Timkov (1912-1993), Boris Chetkov (1926-2010), Vasily Golubev (1925-1985), Viktor Korovin (1936-1991) and Vassily Borisenkov (1924-2007). Founder, Kenneth Pushkin, states, "Our paintings are outstanding examples of the world of Russian Art, fine and unique, and they are proving to be excellent investments. The value and collectibility of the paintings at the Pushkin Gallery is further heightened through our publications, sustained international promotion, and museum and auction placement. These combined elements provide our collectors with an extraordinary opportunity."

Modern Russian Art

The emergence of the market for Russian Modernist Art is a fascinating narrative, symmetrical as it is to the dramatic collapse of the Iron Curtain. The on-going plot is even more intriguing because of the historical ironies involved and the fast paced tempo in which the story continues to evolve. The cast of characters centers around the passionate artists compelled to express their inner visions and their audience; art lovers, dealers, historians and critics.

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