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  • Beautiful Resistance

    In a time when artistic content was strictly mandated to espouse only the virtues of Soviet ideology, this inspiring group of artists chose to work outside...

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  • Vasili Golubev - Master...

    Modest, focused within himself, introverted, preferring to spend all his time out in the open air, he had no interest in self-representation or any of the...

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  • Milton Hebald | 1917-2015

    By MIKE BOEHM (L.A. Times) - Milton Hebald, the sculptor who created renowned public installations in Los Angeles, New York and around the world, dies...

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  • Hanging Art Southampton

    Mary's vision of how to hang which paintings for the July show.

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  • TIMKOV: The Collection

    Nikolai Timkov's feeling for nature in its dormancy is profound-he is able to project its soft voice through his interpretive use of colour and space. He's...

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  • CHETKOV: The Collection

    "Art should be an experiment, without any set rules. No limits, no horizon."-Boris Chetkov Russian contemporary art flourished post-Soviet era. The artist...

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